"A man came out onto the porch to see what was landing in his yard. It was not the balding, one-armed Speaker Karal. This was a total stranger, a tall fellow with a neatly trimmed black beard. But he leaned, interested, on the porch railing of bark-peeled sapling as if he owned the place.... The stranger's face lit with recognition and excitement. 'Lord Vorkosigan!' he cried. He ran down off the porch two steps at a time, and strode toward Miles, his hands out in greeting, smiling broadly."
―Zed as an adult[src]

Zed Karal was a son of Serg Karal, the Speaker of Silvy Vale during the time of "The Mountains of Mourning". He'd been twelve at that time, but his memory of Miles Vorkosigan's visit remained vivid years later. When Miles paid a visit to the village during the events of Memory, he met Zed first, who proudly showed him around the area.


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