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Yuri's Massacre was a massacre ordered by Yuri Vorbarra against other descents of Dorca Vorbarra. It was the triggering event of Yuri Vorbarra's Civil War.

Killed in the massacre[]

Survivors of the massacre[]

Behind the scenes[]

The author has stated that at the time of the massacre, Aral was at Padma's first birthday party.

Survivors at the Vorpatril home included, besides Aral and Padma, 
Padma's mother Sonia, the only one of Xav's children to survive the day, 
though I expect she was seriously injured.  She actually survived her 
parents, in due course, though in whatever case she was deceased before 
Cordelia came to Barrayar.  I do not think her husband survived long, 
because there are no more siblings for Padma, although Lord Vorpatril 
might have survived the day, only to be killed sometime during the civil 
war immediately following.

See 103216.html for details.


Most books mention the massacre. The most detailed information can be found in: