"The big groundcar slowed and turned, passing under an enormous red torii gate—WhiteChrys lost no time in asserting its chosen corporate style.... An efficient tower block rose behind, but the visitor first threaded an imitation-traditional garden, all water and walkways, moss clumps, raked pebbles, and delicate red maples. The theme continued inside the big glass lobby with gnarled miniature trees and severe flower arrangements."
―WhiteChrys corporate headquarters[src]

WhiteChrys, the White Chrysanthemum Cryonics Corporation, was a Kibou-daini cryocorp that decided to expand its franchise onto Komarr. Their actions in doing so were sufficiently suspicious that Gregor Vorbarra of Barrayar ordered his galactic Imperial Auditor, Miles Vorkosigan, to investigate.

"The slowest, subtlest, and, I have to say, creepiest planetary conquest scheme ever devised!"
―Miles' opinion of the plans[src]

The suspicions had been well-founded; WhiteChrys was intending to take over Komarr by means of taking over the peoples' planetary voting shares, much as the various cryocorps had managed to do with Kibou-daini. Miles decided to let them keep at their game while making sure that it would fail to produce any voting rights on the planet, thus forcing them to do as they seemed to wish to do – to run a marginally profitable public service for the Komarrans.

Employees of WhiteChrys[edit | edit source]

  • Ron Wing, Head of Development
  • Hideyuki Storrs, executive vice president for development
  • Aida, personal assistant to Ron Wing
  • Yuko, an executive assistant to Ron Wing who gave Nefertiti to Jin Sato (indirectly)

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