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Miles Vorkosigan/Naismith: His Universe and Times[]

Chronology Events Chronicle
Approx. 200 years before Miles's birth Quaddies are created by genetic engineering. Falling Free
During Beta-Barrayaran War Cordelia Naismith meets Lord Aral Vorkosigan while on opposite sides of a war. Despite difficulties, they fall in love and are married. Shards of Honor
The Vordarian Pretendership While Cordelia is pregnant, an attempt to assassinate Aral by poison gas fails, but Cordelia is affected; Miles Vorkosigan is born with bones that will always be brittle and other medical problems. His growth will be stunted.


Miles is 17 Miles fails to pass a physical test to get into the Service Academy. On a trip, necessities force him to improvise the Free Dendarii Mercenaries into existence; he has unintended but unavoidable adventures for four months. Leaves the Dendarii in Ky Tung's competent hands and takes Elli Quinn to Beta for rebuilding of her damaged face; returns to Barrayar to thwart plot against his father. Emperor pulls strings to get Miles into the Academy. The Warrior's Apprentice
Miles is 20

Ensign Miles graduates and immediately has to take on one of the duties of the Barrayaran nobility and act as detective and judge in a murder case.

Shortly afterward, his first military assignment ends with his arrest. Miles has to rejoin the Dendarii to rescue the young Barrayaran emperor. Emperor accepts Dendarii as his personal secret service force.

"The Mountains of Mourning"

The Vor Game

Miles is 22

Miles and his cousin Ivan attend a Cetagandan state funeral and are caught up in Cetagandan internal politics.

Miles sends Commander Elli Quinn, who's been given a new face on Beta, on a solo mission to Kline Station.


Ethan of Athos

Miles is 23 Now a Barrayaran Lieutenant, Miles goes with the Dendarii to smuggle a scientist out of Jackson's Whole. Miles's fragile leg bones have been replaced by synthetics. "Labyrinth"
Miles is 24 Miles plots from within a Cetagandan prison camp on Dagoola IV to free the prisoners. The Dendarii fleet is pursued by the Cetagandans and finally reaches Earth for repairs. Miles has to juggle both his identities at once, raise money for repairs, and defeat a plot to replace him with a double. Ky Tung stays on Earth. Commander Elli Quinn is now Miles's right-hand officer. Miles and the Dendarii depart for Sector IV on a rescue mission.

"The Borders of Infinity"

Brothers in Arms

Miles is 25 Hospitalized after previous mission, Miles's broken arms are replaced by synthetic bones. With Simon Illyan, Miles undoes yet another plot against his father while flat on his back. Borders of Infinity interstitial material
Miles is 28 Miles meets his clone brother Mark again, this time on Jackson's Whole. Mirror Dance
Miles is 29 Miles hits thirty; thirty hits back. Memory
Miles is 30

Emperor Gregor dispatches Miles to Komarr to investigate a space accident, where he finds old politics and new technology make a deadly mix.

The Emperor's wedding sparks romance and intrigue on Barrayar, and Miles plunges up to his neck in both.


A Civil Campaign

Miles is 31 Armsman Roic and Sergeant Taura defeat a plot to unhinge Miles and Ekaterin's midwinter wedding. "Winterfair Gifts"
Miles is 32 Miles and Ekaterin's honeymoon journey is interrupted by an Auditorial mission to Quaddiespace, where they encounter old friends, new enemies, and a double handful of intrigue. Diplomatic Immunity
Ivan turns 35 ImpSec Headquarters suffers a problem with moles. Captain Vorpatril's Alliance
Ekaterin is 35 Ekaterin meets the Baba Yaga of Vashnoi.*

* Not official - I invented this line myself because the tale deserves to have something.

"The Flowers of Vashnoi"
Miles is 39 Miles and Roic go to Kibou-daini to investigate cryo-corporation chicanery. Cryoburn
Cordelia is 76 On Sergyar, Cordelia Vorkosigan and Oliver Jole work together to reconcile the past, the present, and the future. Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen