Guide to how articles should be structured (DRAFT)

All articles about in-universe topics should be written in-universe and in past tense. Out of universe information goes in the Behind the scenes section. Articles on real-world subjects (books, etc) should be written from an out of universe perspective. A given character or other topic should only be linked twice in any article: once in the introduction and once in the body of the article.

Character articlesEdit

Larger character articles should have an introduction that serves as a brief summary of the character's life, a biography section, and a personality and traits section. For minor characters those sections can be skipped. Sections can be subdivided as appropriate. The introduction to an article should not be referenced, since it is a summary of the rest of the article.

All characters should have a descriptor phrase taken from the book from which they appear. Major characters may have more than one (usually due to multiple sections); e.g., Konstantine Bothari. Incidental characters (e.g., Sandy Hereld) seldom will need a descriptor phrase.

Article naming conventionsEdit

Character articles should be at their full name without any titles. Later names are preferred to earlier ones. For instance, Vaughn Weddell instead of Hugh Canaba, Elena Bothari-Jesek instead of Elena Bothari.


Background of the character and summary of notable events the character was involved in.

Personality and traitsEdit

Physical appearance, notable quirks, psychological issues.

Planet articlesEdit

Also applies to space stations that serve as major habitations


Climate, geography, local wormhole jumps, etc.


Historical overview.

Optional sections could include Inhabitants, Locations, and Government


Important events and incidents that are never specifically named typically should be the location followed by "Incident": e.g., Kyril Island Incident instead of Kyril Island Mutiny. Exceptions to the rule may apply.

All in-universe articlesEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Out of universe information. Continuity notes. Unpublished author speculation and statements about the topic on the List.


In-universe appearances in novels and short stories in order of in-universe chronology. Novel titles should be italicized, short story titles should be in quotes.


Published articles referencing the topic in Dreamweaver's Dilemma, The Vorkosigan Companion, and possibly GURPS Vorkosigan if it ever comes out. Sorted by publication order.

Notes and referencesEdit

Articles with more than one source should be fully referenced. If List posts,, outside interviews, or other sources not eligible for Appearances or Sources are used in writing the article, they need to be linked when referenced.