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"Not that the Vorkosigan's District was a square, exactly, more of a squashed, irregular parallelogram, some 350 kilometers from the northern strip of lowlands to the southern mountain passes, and about 500 kilometers east-to-west, skirting the mountain chain along its highest ranges. Only about the northern fifth was flat fertile plains, and of that, of course, only half was usable… It’s landlocked away from any chance at the coastal trade. It’s always been agricultural, as much so as the mountains permit."
―Miles, contemplating his home district[src]

Vorkosigan's District was the district on Barrayar ruled by the Vorkosigan District Count. Located in the interior of the planet's North Continent, it lay to the south of Vorbarr Sultana and Vorbarra's District, with the Dendarii Mountains situated along its southern borders.[1]

The District was technologically and economically inferior to some other parts of Barrayar, partly due to being landlocked[2], partly due to poor farmland, and partly due to the consequences of its prominence during the First Cetagandan War[2]. Its main industries included hardwood forestry[2], maple sugar[3], and vineyards[4].

The original capital, Vorkosigan Vashnoi, was destroyed during the Cetagandan occupation;[5] Hassadar replaced it[6]. Hassadar was a fully modern city laid out as on developed worlds and had a population of almost a half a million people[7]. The site of Vorkosigan Vashnoi was southeast of Hassadar (fortunately, the prevailing winds blew away from Hassadar towards Vorkosigan Vashnoi; likewise, Vorkosigan Vashnoi was downriver from Hassadar rather than upriver). Further south was the Long Lake with the village of Vorkosigan Surleau beside it[8]; the Dendarii Mountains were less than one day's ride by horseback further to the south.[6]

Other urban settlements included the towns of Seligrad and Dos'tovar[9]. In addition, villages were scattered across Dendarii Mountains; these included Silvy Vale[10] and another near Aime Pass[6],  where Emperor Gregor was hidden for about a week during Vordarian's Pretendership.

Among law enforcement agencies operating within the District, there were the Hassadar Municipal Guard[11] and District Rangers[2].

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