"I am not at all sure that aiming a Vorinnis at him qualifies as a merciful gesture."
―Cordelia's thoughts on Kaya Vorinnis dating a Cetagandan[src]
The Vorinnis's were a Vor family on Barrayar headed by a ruling District Count. The capital of the district, which neighbored both the Vorkosigan's District and Vorbarr Sultana, was Ouest Higgat.[1]

Vorinnis family members:

  • A Count Vorinnis was mentioned as a candidate with the support of the "military right" for the camp stool by Miles and Elena if Gregor were to die or disappear.[3]

Historical family members:

  • A Countess during the Bloody Centuries had had her children kidnapped. Her response was to mock the besiegers by standing on a battlement, flipping up her skirts, and inform them she could get more children where those had come from.[6]


The Vorinnis District was the source location for Vorzohn's Dystrophy.[7]