"A man on the high side of middle age, dressed in relatively unmilitary Barrayaran casual business garb, looked up over his comconsole desk, frowning; his frown changed to an expression of astonishment."
―Tej meets Vigo Imola[src]

Vigo Imola was the pseudonym used by a Komarran man who worked in the world of Barrayaran organized crime. He'd formerly – during the time of the Komarran Conquest – served as liaison between the Komarran government and their hired guns, the Selby Fleet.

Shiv Arqua, Baron Cordonah in exile, hired Vigo and his son to haul a large amount of precious cargo from Barrayar, but Vigo decided that he'd get better money by simply turning the Arqua family in to House Prestene. This led to a battle that eventually resulted in Vigo's arrest for his subeconomy activities.


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