"He's a molecular biologist by trade and training, but his early experiences included an extraordinary range of ... really oddball stuff. Kind of a wild card, and, ah, a bit of a prima donna in personality, but if nothing else, I think you'll find his ideas interesting."
―Miles describes Vaughn to Illyan's doctors[src]

Vaughn Weddell, formerly known as Hugh Canaba, was a biochemist who had once been in charge of many of House Bharaputra's genetic engineering projects, possibly include the creation of clones for the brain transplant trade.

One of his projects was the creation of super-soldiers for an unnamed planetary government. Taura was the sole survivor of the prototype super-soldiers. Rescued by the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet, he settled on Barrayar and took up work for the Imperial Science Institute, serving the Barrayaran Imperium by studying Terrence Cee's telepathy complex that had been developed by the Cetagandan Empire.

By the time of Captain Vorpatril's Alliance, he was supervised by Susan Allegre, I.S.I. Senior Administrator and wife of ImpSec Chief Guy Allegre.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I never came here for the money. I came here because I could do research I couldn't do anywhere else. Not hedged round with outdated legal restrictions ... I've done things, unique things, that Bharaputra won't develop because the profit would be too small, never mind how many people it would benefit—I get no credit, no standing for my work—every year, I see in the literature of my field galactic honors going to lesser men, because I cannot publish my results ..."
―Why Canaba/Weddell wanted to leave Jackson's Whole[src]

Weddell was a brilliant scientist, with a streak of arrogance to match his brilliance. He was not however so lacking in ethics and empathy as to be happy working for Bharaputra's. He felt a sense of responsibility verging on the paternal for Taura, which led him to prefer killing her to leaving her behind in Ryoval's hands. During the rescue, Miles Vorkosigan pointed out he had obviously been on Jackson's Whole for too long. Canaba agreed that this was true.


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