Thought I'd start trying to log what I'm trying to accomplish with the site.

Most articles that I've wanted to add are present or red-linked from a suitable place, but there are still a few others I'm looking to see added.

Important articles that are still missing:

  • Barrayaran Laws - a collection of laws as seen in the Vorkosigan Saga. I have a good pile of them, but I've not yet put them into the site.
  • Komarran Integration Plan - an article about this; most information would come from Brothers in Arms, but there's some also in Komarr and in Diplomatic Immunity.


  • Imperial Orbital Shipyard (TVG, ch 1)
  • Sergyar Fleet Orbital Depot (CVA, ch 7)
  • Northbridge Invitational Conference on Cryonics

People that don't yet have articles (and that aren't in Wantedpages):

  • Sydney Liga (TVG)
  • Goffe (ACC)
  • Gorge, Grunt, Howl, Killer (MD, ACC)
  • Kostolitz, Tesslev (TWA)
  • Gavin, Wyzak (FF)

Also, I'm looking to work on the book articles. I wrote the plot summaries for many; the ones for Winterfair Gifts and Komarr need serious redoing (to the point that I wouldn't be sad to see them blown away and replaced by somthing better).

Of late, I've been skipping around in the site and cleaning up small problems in various articles in a scattershot fashion. I figure I can keep doing that for a bit longer before I should try to get more systematic by visiting each category and traversing all the articles in it to see what they could use for grammar/spelling/hotlink fixups, improvements like quotes or a References section, and so forth.

I'd like to see the dozen or so articles that have no category or that are in the "Delete" category gone, but that requires admin privileges, and I'm still shy about doing that one.

The front page could probably use some more tweaks - the Quaddies article looks fixed up to me, and it might be nice to pretty things up a bit (maybe add picture of Lois, maybe make a "create article" spot like the dresdenfiles wikia has on its front page, maybe some other things as well).

KarenHunt (talk) 23:46, December 24, 2013 (UTC)

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