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A list of characters or places in the Vorkosigan Saga who are Tuckerized from fans:

Name in Saga Story Fan
Siegling's Barrayar Van Siegling
Pilot Padget "Labyrinth" Scott Padget
Sergeant Laureen Anderson "Labyrinth" Lt Cdr Laureen Anderson
Trooper/Lt Sandy Hereld

"Labyrinth", Mirror Dance

Sandy Hereld
Moglia "Labyrinth" John Moglia
Lt Durham Mirror Dance Peter Durham
Trooper Boyd Mirror Dance Charles Boyd
Tech Vifian Mirror Dance John Vifian
Medic Norwood Mirror Dance Barbara Norwood
Trooper Philippi Mirror Dance Colleen Philippi
Colonel Vorreedi Cetaganda Patricia Wrede
Count Vormuir A Civil Campaign Doug Muir
Count Vorharopulos A Civil Campaign Alexandra Haropulos
Count Vorfolse A Civil Campaign Stephanie Folse
Ensign Plause The Vor Game Mitchell Burnside Clapp
Lazkowski Base The Vor Game Lam Laskowski
Captain Chris Clogston Diplomatic Immunity

Chris Clogston

Armsman Kelso A Civil Campaign

Sylvia Kelso

Other Names[]

  • Byerly Vorrutyer's name comes from Byerly's, a chain of upscale "decadent" stores in Minnesota.
  • The name Vorkosigan comes from Andrei Kosygin, a Soviet diplomat from the 1960s.
  • In The Vorkosigan Companion (in the Forward to Falling Free), the following are suggested as possible influences for names: Professor Karl Graf and Leo Wilcox of Ohio State University for Leo Graf; Clarence Jackson, also of Ohio State University, for Claire; Hildegard Minchenko, a researcher who worked with Bujold's father, for Doctor Minchenko.
  • Claimed but not proven: Ma and Martin Kosti for Martin Kaste of NPR.