"I wish Tsipis were here. He's been my family's man of business for thirty years. He adores tutoring the uninitiated. If I could turn him loose on you, you'd be up to speed in no time, and he'd be just ecstatic. I'm afraid he found me a frustrating pupil in my youth. I only wanted to learn about the military. He finally managed to smuggle in some economic education by presenting it as logistics and supply problems."
―Miles to Ekaterin on Tsipis[src]

Tsipis served as the Vorkosigan business manager starting sometime near the beginning of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency. He lived and worked in Hassadar, and loved to teach economics lessons to his employers.

In appearance, he was neat, gray, and spare. His vocabulary was every bit as precise as his hair. The qualities he liked best in people were meticulous honesty and being a quick study.


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