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The Triumph was a Beta Colony-built pocket dreadnought that was originally owned by Ky Tung. It had a crew of sixty, and considerable acceleration, shielding, and firepower.

Miles Vorkosigan took the ship from him and gave it to Captain Auson, formerly the owner of the Ariel. Eventually, the Dendarii bought it from him, with the value listed as Tung's vested share in the fleet corporation. The Triumph served as Miles's flagship in later years, then was traded to Vega Station in return for a newer and fancier Illyrican-built ship.

Ariel versus Triumph[]

There seems to have been some debate as to whether the Triumph was the fastest ship in the fleet or the Ariel was. In The Warrior's Apprentice, the Triumph was described by Auson as having three times the acceleration of the Ariel[1], and in "The Borders of Infinity"[2], Ky agreed that it was the fastest ship in the fleet. However, in "Labyrinth"[3] and The Vor Game[4], Bel Thorne claimed that Ariel was fastest.

Perhaps there was some question of how long the acceleration could be maintained, or the ships got upgrades from time to time.