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The Third Cetagandan War was a war fought between Barrayar and Cetaganda during the second year of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency.

Known facts about this war[]

  • The Cetagandans initiated it, and it mostly involved control of the wormholes in the vicinity of Komarr and Sergyar.[1][2]
  • It was followed immediately afterwards by the Komarran Revolt.[3][2]
  • The victory over the Cetagandans was "peculiar".[4]
  • Admiral Kanzian and Lord Regent Aral Vorkosigan both took part in the battle - Kanzian held down the defense, Aral Vorkosigan brought reinforcements.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In http://dendarii.com/bujold_faq.html#cetawars, the following authorial statement (dated to April 1995) about the Cetagandan Wars is made: "The invasion of Barrayar was the first war, and the other two wars were much less serious space-based clashes that didn't touch down on either planet."
  • There was at least one additional clash with Cetagandans, that described in The Vor Game.
  • In 117409.html, the author claimed that the Cetagandans were intending for Vordarian's coup and the Komarran Revolt to coincide with this war.

Notes and references[]