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Tau Verde IV (TAH-OH VAYR-dee) was a planet in a cul-de-sac of the Galactic Nexus.

The nations of Felice and Pelias were located on Tau Verde IV, and fought the Tau Verde Ring war against each other. The war had been roughly equally balanced, with a potential settlement being arranged when the Pelians hired a mercenary group called the Oseran Mercenaries to blockade the wormhole.

The planet's history involved considerable loss of technological skill, possibly to the point of using horse cavalry. In particular, they did not have the technology to make Necklin rods for space travel, nor could they make jump pilot headsets. They did, however, have an impressive monorail system.

The war ended when Miles Vorkosigan and his assistants arrived in the system, took over and renamed the mercenary group to The Dendarii Mercenaries, and dictated terms to end it.

Places on Tau Verde IV[]

People From Tau Verde IV[]

  • General Halify
  • Lieutenant Gamad
  • Colonel Fehun Benar
  • Miram Benar, wife of Fehun
  • Captain Sahlin, from Accounting