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Tau Ceti V is probably the most important planet never visited in the Vorkosigan Saga.

It was heavily populated[1], the hub of the Western Orion Arm group of planets (two other planets in that group included Earth and Lairouba)[2], and Barrayar's Sector II Headquarters[3]. They were neighbors with Escobar, and fought on the Escobarans' behalf during the Barrayaran Invasion of Escobar.[4] Barrayar had various right-of-passage treaties with Tau Ceti over time; Komarr connected to Tau Ceti through two different wormhole routes.[2]

They had a reasonably large space Navy, which at one point caught up with and dealt with LaVarr's mercenary fleet; apparently their means of death penalty included use of a disintegration chamber.[5]

A particularly highly-mentioned native animal of Tau Ceti was the Tau Cetan Beaded Lizard.[6][7][8]

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