"In any case," Szabo went on, "it was abundantly plain that no Armsman who was loyal to Pierre—and we all were, God help the poor man—would last five minutes in Richars's service. His first step—and we'd all heard him say so—would be to make a clean sweep of everything and everyone loyal to Pierre, and install his own creatures. Pierre's sister being the first to go, of course."
―Szabo's thoughts on Richars Vorrutyer[src]

Armsman Szabo was the senior armsman for the Vorrutyers. Described as white-haired and tough, he was willing to support Lady Donna Vorrutyer in her audacious plan to become the next Vorrutyer Count after the death of her brother, Count Pierre Vorrutyer. As such, he accompanied her to Beta Colony for a gender-change operation and tutored her in the details of walking, talking, and acting like a man.

Ivan Vorpatril called him Armsman Pygmalion upon learning of their scheme.


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