Sonia Vorbarra Vorpatril was a Princess of Barrayar. Her father was Xav Vorbarra, her mother was a Betan woman from the Bureau for Interstellar Trade; she had a sister named Olivia Vorbarra Vorkosigan. She married a Vorpatril who was not in a Countship line and became the mother of Padma Xav Vorpatril.

Sonia and her husband held a family party in their home to celebrate Padma's first birthday. The party was violently interrupted by a death squad, sent by Sonia's uncle Emperor Yuri. Most of the family present were murdered - the survivors were Sonia herself, her son, and her nephew Aral Vorkosigan. Her husband died either at the scene or in the civil war that immediately followed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The author has stated on the listserv that Sonia survived the civil war, outlived her husband and parents, and died at some point before the events in Shards of Honor.


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