"After supper the men began to drift in, Karal's cronies, Silvy Vale's elders. Some were apparently regulars who shared the evening government news broadcasts on Karal's audio set. Too many names, and Miles daren't forget a one. A group of amateur musicians arrived with their homemade mountain instruments, rather breathless, obviously the band tapped for all the major weddings and wakes in Silvy Vale; this all seemed more like a funeral to Miles every minute."
―Miles' first visit to Silvy Vale[src]

Silvy Vale (SIHL-vee) was an isolated village in the Dendarii Mountains, about a three days walk from Vorkosigan Surleau. Technologically backwards and low on the list of villages to receive a powersat receptor, they took matters into their own hands by constructing a hydroelectric dam using borrowed tools. With electricity available, they were able to build a clinic and win the lottery to receive a trained doctor as well.

"Miles danced traditional steps with Harra, and other women until he lost count. A couple of older folk, who'd been there at his judgment of a decade ago, nodded respectfully at him despite his capering. It was not, after all, a party for him, despite the bombardment of birthday congratulations and jokes. It was a party for Silvy Vale."
―Miles' second visit to Silvy Vale[src]

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