Serifosa Dome was the capital city of its Sector (Serifosa Sector) on Komarr.

"Another ten minutes of flight brought Serifosa Dome up over the horizon. It was vast and spectacular in the gathering dusk, with its glittering strings of lights, looping bubble-car tubes, warm glow of domes, sparkling towers."
―A view of Serifosa from the air[src]

The city was built around a central park with a lake (an artificial lake, rather than one of the cometary craters created shortly before the planet was settled)[1]. It had chronic traffic back-up troubles due to its people's failure to come to any conclusion about how to deal with the problem – construct new bubble-car routes, shorten safety margins between vehicles and increase their speeds, or ration access to the routes.[1]

Serifosa was considered to be something of a backwater compared to Solstice Dome.[1] ImpSec Serifosa was a very small office, with only one analyst; most of its personnel consisted of guards for the Sector Sub-Consulate compound, where the Imperial Counselor resided when in the Sector.[2]

Politically, the people of Serifosa historically ran to the apathetic; there were jokes that they had missed out on reconstruction money from Barrayar due to the lack of destruction of their infrastructure during the Komarran Revolt. They were also the first Sector to have their Barrayaran Imperial garrisons withdrawn after the revolt had ended.[2]


  • The group that was trying to close down the Barrayaran wormhole in Komarr were mostly employees of the Serifosa branch of the Komarr Terraforming Project.

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