"Miles considered the peculiar pattern of old worm scars across Corbeau's body. He must have rolled, or been rolled, across a bad nest."
―A victim's scars[src]

The Sergyaran worm plague was an ailment caused by some type of burrowing creature found on Sergyar. The presence of these "worms" under a person's skin caused severe bloating. In the initial years of the outbreak, the planet was closed to new colonists.

At first, victims were treated surgically, which could leave extensive scars. Later, however, an effective oral vermicide was developed, allowing the planet to be re-opened to colonization.

Behind the scenesEdit

The author described the biological underpinnings of the plague in "Re: Questions for Lois II: Billy Budd" well before the in-universe explanation given in Gentleman Jole.


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