"He was a balding man of maybe sixty, leathery and worn, and his left arm ended in a stump. Another veteran."
―Miles meets Speaker Karal[src]

Serg Karal (KAA-rl) was Village Speaker for Silvy Vale on Barrayar. He'd formerly served in the Imperial Service as a corporal.

When Harra Csurik found her baby dead, she went to him for justice against the killer. Instead of helping her, he tried to put her off by claiming that she'd overlain the baby. Balked, she went to Count Vorkosigan for help. Speaker Karal tried repeatedly to stop the investigation on the grounds that the results would be very upsetting to the people of his village.

He was married, with three sons: an oldest, then Zed Karal, and then one youngest.


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