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Selig Vorkosigan (vor-KO-suh-g'n) was a count of the Vorkosigan's District during the Time of Isolation. It is not known with certainty which of the counts he was, but it is known that he lived about 300 years before Miles Vorkosigan, during the "First Bloody Century".[1][2][3] It is likely, therefore, that he was the founder of Vorkosigan House, its first count (Miles, at number 11, was a suitable distance in time from him).

There are several tales of his exploits, particularly concerning warfare between himself and Lord Vorwyn of Hazelbright:

In one, the opposing forces searched a pack train of horses that entered the besieged town of Vorkosigan Vashnoi twice weekly, always finding the packs to be free of contraband supplies and in fact, carrying only rubbish. After the war the pack train leader was revealed as one of Selig's armsmen who had been smuggling the horses themselves.[3]
The tale of the Maiden of the Lake is from the same war. Selig's betrothed had her brother cut her throat to avoid being captured, on the eve of the final assault of Vorkosigan Surleau by Hazelbright's forces. Selig's stratagem that lifted the siege came one day late.[4]
One additional anecdote about Selig, told by Miles as probably apocryphal, had Count Selig Vorkosigan attempting to collect taxes from an impoverished widow who offered up her son’s drum-playing, son included, as she had nothing else. Selig accepted the drumming but gave back her son.[5]

Presumably his eventual death was of one of the last ones from among the following causes of Count Vorkosiganly deaths: blown up, shot, starved, drowned, burned alive, beheaded, diseased, and demented.[6]


  • The city of Seligrad, mentioned by Lem Csurik[7], could have been named from him. In Russian this name can be translated to mean "the town of Selig".
  • Dating of the Bloody Centuries can be approximated by the following observations: Miles Vorkosigan's Vor seal dagger was supposed to have been originally owned by Selig himself.[8] It was 300 years old.[2] Selig lived during the "First Bloody Century".[3] And finally, Vorkosigan House was known to be one of the oldest Vor houses on Barrayar.[6]

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