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The Second Cetagandan War was a war that occurred between Barrayar and Cetaganda, probably during Ezar's reign. It is not directly attested in text; instead, the Cetagandan Invasion is described as the First Cetagandan War, and there is mention of a Third Cetagandan War near the beginning of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency.

It was probably a space-based war concerning control of wormholes, but nothing certain can be stated.


The following tales mention the First Cetagandan War by name:

The following tales mention the Third Cetagandan War by name:

Behind the scenes[]

  • In http://dendarii.com/bujold_faq.html#cetawars, the following authorial statement (dated to April 1995) about the Cetagandan Wars is made: "The invasion of Barrayar was the first war, and the other two wars were much less serious space-based clashes that didn't touch down on either planet."