Rho Ceta was a planet of the Cetagandan Empire and ruled by a haut satrap. One of its wormholes led to the planet Komarr in the Barrayaran Imperium.[1]

Decades ago, Rho Ceta was the staging area for Cetaganda sending ghem military forces to invade Barrayar at the end of its Time of Isolation.

Rho Ceta DetailsEdit

  • As of Cetaganda, the satrap was Este Rond, who presumably lost his position after the events of the book. His replacement was a member of the Degtiar constellation, a relation of the Empress haut Rian.[1]
  • Moira ghem Estif had been a member of the Rond constellation before her marriage, and likely originally from Rho Ceta.[2]
  • Upon the occasion of Gregor Vorbarra's wedding, the Rho Cetan ambassador attended, along with Pel Navarr and ghem-General Dag Benin.[3]
  • In more recent times, a renegade Ba from Eta Ceta stole Rho Ceta's consignment of haut babies and killed the planetary consort. When Miles Vorkosigan rescued the babies, the governor of Rho Ceta named himself to be personally in his debt.[4]

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