"Elena was saying, '—everything's so dirty. The medical cabinet doors just came off in my hands.'"
―On the good ship RG 132[src]

The RG 132 was the last RG cargo ship still in use. Its pilot wasArde Mayhew, who was going to cease to be a pilot as soon as the ship was decommissioned. Rather than allow this to happen, he barricaded himself in his ship and threatened to blow it up if anyone tried to force him off of it.

Miles Vorkosigan purchased the ship by promising payment backed by radioactive land on Barrayar. While at Tau Verde IV, the ship's Necklin rods were damaged, so it ended up getting leased as a local in-system freighter.

Arde Mayhew had previously piloted an RG 88, presumably a similar type of cargo ship in the RG line.

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