"Count Vorkosigan's personal guard was legally limited to a ceremonial twenty men, but given his political position their function included very practical security. Pym was typical of their number, a decorated veteran of the Imperial Service who had retired to this elite private force."
―Armsman Pym, at the start of his service[src]
Armsman Pym (PIHM) served House Vorkosigan, brought in to replace Sergeant Bothari after his death.
"Pym had been making scanner checks of perfectly innocent clumps of bushes all the way here."
―Miles's opinion of Pym's hyper-awareness[src]

Uncomfortable in his job at first, he started out hyper-alert to the point of irritating Miles Vorkosigan considerably. As he settled into his job he achieved a true mastery of the "bland servant" routine, with the most highly expressive expressionless look ever described in literature.

"Y’know,” said Roic, as Pym would not have, because Pym would have had an exact bland to cover it, “if you’d quit while you were winning, right after Wing, we’d be on our way home right now."
―Roic still working to match Pym[src]

Pym eventually rose to head Armsman for the Vorkosigans; he served in the capital with Miles Vorkosigan. He was married and had at least two children: a daughter, Aurie, who as of Cryoburn was courting Roic; and a son, Arthur, who became a close friend of Nikolai Vorsoisson.

Behind the scenesEdit

Pym's name matches Mr. Pym in Dorothy Sayers' book Murder Must Advertise, probably not coincidentally.


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