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Pol (POHL) was a self-governing planet and republic whose wormholes led to the Hegen Hub and to the Barrayaran Imperium's planet Komarr. Citizens of Pol were called Polians.[1] It controlled a sequence of space stations between the planet and the jump to the Hegen Hub; the last one going out was Pol Station Six.


The Polians were generally cautious in dealing with their neighbor, Barrayar, preferring to keep them at arms length to discourage invasion attempts. However, as a result of aggression from the Cetagandan Empire's failed military occupation of Vervain, Pol joined the Hegen Alliance and gradually developed a warmer relationship with the Barrayarans.[1]

The ambassador from Pol once wanted, and got, an elephant from Emperor Gregor.[2]


Pol's climate was apparently able to support Earth life forms during Miles Vorkosigan's lifetime. Mentions exist of ornamental breadfruit bushes[3] and of some snake-like animal (with poisonous scrapings).[4]

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