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The term "Old Vor" appears to have embraced at least two distinct concepts.

People whose families had been Vor for a long time, particularly old-fashioned, conservative people:

"Old Vor have good blood, you know, no need to check anything."
―Ekaterin on why Nikki was a body birth[src]

A political party among the Council of Counts:

"He's of your Old Vor party. Your true allegiance. You always said Aral was too damned progressive."
―Cordelia to Piotr[src]
"She could have the conservative Old Vor faction eating out of her hand for you without them ever knowing what hit them."
―Miles to Gregor about letting Alys Vorpatril plan his wedding(s)[src]

By Miles Vorkosigan's time, the Old Vor were a declining group on Barrayar, and much less conservative than their ancestors had been. They were particularly typified by a strong military ethic, a belief in their genetic and cultural superiority to proles, and strong suspicion towards modern galactic ways and technology.

"It would be the Vorish thing to do. The Old Vor could be a bunch of assholes, at times."
―Miles regarding allowing Bel Thorne to die protecting the rearguard.[src]
"When his symptoms began, he took the Old Vor way out and crashed his lightflyer."
―Tien Vorsoisson's older brother's response to having Vorzohn's Dystrophy[src]
"They [the caravanserai inhabitants] have the same genetic complement as you," Cordelia pointed out the, to her, obvious.
The Count went rigid. "My dear girl! They most certainly do not! My family have been Vor for nine generations.
―Cordelia and Piotr argue[src]
"Until his Auditorial apotheosis three years ago, so startling to his relatives, Vorthys had had a most un-Vorish career himself. And marriage. And he'd started both back when the Old Vor were a lot more Old Vor than they were now."
―Miles's thoughts on Georg Vorthys's life[src]
"Only a few of the most conservative Old Vor families still held out for the old ways..."
―On body births[src]


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