"Negri was a hard-faced, hard-bodied, bullet-headed man who had served his emperor, body and blood, for the better part of forty years, a sinister legend with unreadable eyes."
―Captain Negri[src]

Negri (NEH-gree) was Chief of Barrayaran Imperial Security under Emperor Ezar Vorbarra. Universally feared on Barrayar, he was second in power after Ezar and was sometimes referred to as Ezar's Familiar. Aral Vorkosigan once claimed of him that if Ezar were to tell him he was a frog, Negri would hop and croak. He was the only person who wept at Ezar's death bed.

"If you think of the Ministry of Political Education as the Emperor's right hand, then Negri is his left, the one the right is not permitted to know. He watches internal security on the highest levels—the Ministry heads, the Counts, the Emperor's family—the Prince . . ." Vorkosigan frowned introspectively. "I came to know him rather well during the preparations for this strategist's nightmare. Curious fellow. He could have any rank he wanted. But forms are meaningless to him. He's only interested in substance."
―Aral's description of Negri to Cordelia[src]


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