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"By God, you'd try, wouldn't you?" said Mayhew. "I can see you down there now, with a sledgehammer"
―Miles wants to hand-repair a Necklin rod[src]

Necklin rods generate Necklin fields. Clear enough, yes?

The theory of wormhole travel is not worked out in detail in the Vorkosigan Saga. It is, however, discussed in varying ways at various times. In particular, the study of five-space physics included lessons in which the student learned that Necklin rods generated Necklin fields that counter-rotated, thus folding a space ship so that it could traverse a wormhole. These rods had to be extremely straight, had to run the entire length of the ship, and they required considerable technical skill to construct. They also sometimes needed re-calibration.

Jumpship drive systems associated with Necklin drives included:

  • Tensor bit-code drive
  • Necklin color drive

Non-jump-ship uses of Necklin drives did not exist prior to the events of Komarr.


Most of the books mention Necklin rods. The only one that attempts some level of theory is: