Murka was a lieutenant in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. As an ensign, he served as Bel Thorne's second in command aboard the fast cruiser Ariel. On a mission to Jackson's Whole, Murka participated in a Dendarii raid on Baron Ry Ryoval's main biologicals facility. Captured with two Dendarii troopers by Ryoval's security forces, he talked his way out of captivity by claiming to be looking for a whorehouse. After Admiral Miles Naismith was captured doing further reconnaissance within Ryoval's facility, Murka briefly commanded the Ariel while he was retrieved.[1]

After his promotion to lieutenant, Murka was the comm officer on a drop shuttle during the Dendarii-orchestrated breakout from Dagoola IV Top Security Prison Camp #3. He was ordered to make sure that Admiral Naismith made it off-planet by Commodore Tung. Murka and died just before the final shuttle lifted with Naismith aboard, decapitated by Cetagandan plasma arc fire.[2]

Lieutenant Murka frequently appeared in the nightmares of Miles Vorkosigan in the aftermath of the Dagoola mission, usually as a severed head.[3][4]

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