"Her hair was white streaked with black, and wound up in elaborate braids around her head. Dark eyes, thin ivory skin softening with tiny wrinkles, a high-bridged nose—Dr. Durona. Again. She was dressed in a fine flowing silk shirt in a pale green perhaps accidentally reminiscent of the color of the Durona lab coats, and soft trousers the color of cream. Dr. Lotus Durona, Baronne Bharaputra, had elegant tastes. And the means to indulge them."
―Miles meets Lotus[src]

Lotus Bharaputra was a noted scientist on Jackson's Whole. She was one of the oldest clone daughters of Lilly Durona, and was raised as part of the Durona Group in House Fell. Offered co-control of House Bharaputra, she defected, and became Baron Vasa Luigi Bharaputra's consort and Baronne Bharaputra. Seeking an extended lifespan, she had Lilly Durona Junior created in Bharaputra's clone crèche for the purpose of brain transplant; her naming the clone after her clone-mother Lilly was a subtle act of revenge.

When the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet staged two consecutive raids on the clone crèche, Baron Bharaputra was briefly kidnapped, and a year's worth of Bharaputra clones were freed. However, Lilly Durona Junior escaped the Dendarii to return to what she thought was her destiny. The Baron and Baronne kept young Lilly in their household while the clone crèche was being repaired.

Admiral Miles Naismith had died on the second Dendarii raid, but was successfully cryo-revived by the Durona Group. After a House Ryoval raid on the Durona Group, Naismith's escape vehicle was intercepted by House Bharaputra. Naismith and his surgeon Rowan Durona were kept as the personal prisoners of the Baron and Baronne for several days. The Admiral successfully masterminded the escape of both Rowan and young Lilly Durona, leaving the Baronne without a clone to transplant her brain into.