"Oh, and you think you aren’t going to draw attention, mister galactic investigator? Lisa Sato was all about attention!"
―Susan Suzuki to Miles Vorkosigan[src]
Lisa Sato, the mother of Jin Sato and Mina Sato, was the leader of a cryo-rights activist group on Kibou-daini. When her group discovered a potentially highly-costly secret about the cryo-corps, they made plans to reveal their knowledge in a public rally. However, the relevant cryo-corp learned in advance of their plans and broke up the rally. She and several other members of her group were cryo-preserved on the grounds that they had gone insane and needed to await future treatment for their problems. This left her children, Jin and Mina, effectively orphans.

Miles Vorkosigan met her son Jin, learned of her story, and rescued her. He had her cryo-revived, reuniting her with her children. At the end of Miles' stay on Kibou-daini, she and Stefin Vorlynkin appeared to be a likely future pairing.


She was attractive and slender, with long dark hair and epicanthic folds around her eyes. She was 5'8" (about 173 cm) in height and older than her sister Lorna.


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