Laureen Anderson was a sergeant in the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet and an expert vehicle pilot. She served aboard the fast cruiser Ariel on the Dendarii mission to retrieve Dr. Hugh Canaba from Jackson's Whole. When Admiral Naismith staged a raid on Baron Ry Ryoval's biologicals facility, Anderson was assigned to drive the escape van.

Naismith was captured on the raid, but the Dendarii convinced Baron Fell to pay his ransom. However, the negotiations broke down violently. When Naismith's party fled the scene in a stolen float truck, Sergeant Anderson personally flew a combat-drop shuttle to the rescue and safely returned them to the Ariel. Afterwards, Anderson was assigned by Naismith to handle the Dendarii orientation of Ryoval's former body-slave Taura.

Behind the scenesEdit

Laureen Anderson is one of several Bujold characters who were named after fans.