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The Komarran Revolt was a conflict between Barrayar and conquered Komarr that lasted roughly 2 years in its official forms. It began in the fourth year of the Aral Vorkosigan Regency, ending around the sixth.

Views of the Revolt[]

Terrorist activity occured both before and after the official Revolt, but the Revolt was the time of the harshest fighting.

"And, as ever, the lastest sabotage from Komarr..."
―Negri to Aral on his first day as Regent[src]

Neither the Barrayarans nor the Komarrans were paragons of virtue during the war.

"I have no illusions about the glorious Imperial troops during the Komarr Revolt. I saw men wearing this uniform ... do shameful things. In anger or fear, in frustration or desperation, sometimes just in idle viciousness. But I could not see that it made any practical difference to the corpses, ordinary people caught in the cross fire, whether they were burned down by evil invader plasma fire, or blown to bits by good patriotic gravitic implosions."
―Duv Galeni on the Revolt[src]

The revolt got very messy, with many unnecessary deaths.

"Anyone who'd experienced the debacle of the Komarr Revolt on the Komarr side had reason to mistrust their fellows almost as much as they mistrusted Barrayarans. The last people Soudha would want in on his plot were a bunch more Komarrans."
―Miles's thoughts on Soudha's group[src]

Known events during the Revolt[]

  • General Metzov killed a Komarran rebel by torture and a Barrayaran guard who planned to turn him in for the deed. He concealed his deed well enough to avoid official punishment, but was made commander of Kyril Island as unofficial punishment.[1]
  • Komarran rebels headed by David Galen blew up Halomar Barracks. Destang took part in the cleanup.[2]
  • Green Park Dome on Komarr experienced an out-gassing. The amount of damage is not specified.[3]
  • Solstice Dome was the site of a great deal of combat and later rebuilding.[4]
  • Serifosa Dome experienced very little combat or destruction; its sector was the first to have occupying garrisons withdrawn after the war was over.[5]

Combatants in the Revolt[]



Behind the scenes[]

The author has stated that the Cetagandan Empire was helping stir up trouble, with the intention of causing Vordarian's attempted coup and the Komarran Revolt to coincide with their own war against Barrayar. See 117409.html and 117425.html.

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