The Komarran Counselors (also spelled Counsellors) were the members of the 200-seat ruling council of the planet Komarr. The members of this body at the time of the Komarran Conquest were killed by troops of the Barrayaran Imperial Security force in the infamous Solstice Massacre.

Traditionally, the wealthiest families purchased seats in Komarr's ruling council, permitting family members to serve as Komarran Counselors.

Note: The Vorkosigan Saga does not establish how it came about that Komarr was established as a mercantile oligarchy instead of a monarchy, aristocracy, or democracy. Some historical details concerning the creation of voting shares can be found in Cryoburn.

Behind the scenesEdit

From the listserv archives, February 21, 2013:

  • The individuals were murdered. The offices continued, and exist to "this" day, filled by other individuals... How much the domain of power the council exerts has altered since then is beyond the level of detail the stories I have told so far require.