The Komarr integration scheme referred to a movement among Barrayaran progressives to transform the relationship between Barrayar and Komarr from conqueror-conquered to equal partners.

"There's been a movement among the Progressives—spearheaded by my father—to fully integrate Komarr into the Empire. It's not a real popular idea with the Barrayaran right. It's a bit of an obsession with the old man—'Between justice and genocide there is, in the long run, no middle ground,'" Miles intoned."
―Miles reflects on his father's role in the scheme[src]

This scheme was viewed with considerable suspicion by Komarrans and Barrayarans both.

"I'm not convinced of the long-range viability of the Komarr integration scheme—but I wouldn't care to go down in history as its saboteur."
―Barrayaran Commodore Destang's opinion[src]
"Foreign domination of Komarr being not merely prone to abuse, but intrinsically evil by first principle. Trying to make it un-foreign by integration is not compromise, it's collaboration, capitulation. Komarran revolutionaries died for my sins."
―Komarran Duv Galeni's description of his father's opinion of the scheme[src]