"The future of Kareenburg is a lava flow. If the earthquakes don’t get it first. Although Aral once remarked to me, when we were discussing the subject, 'Earthquakes don’t kill people; contractors kill people.' I thought he had a point, but still."
Vicereine Vorkosigan[src]

Kareenburg, also called Kayburg, was the capital city on the planet Sergyar. It began as a large military cache dug into caverns where supplies in preparation for the invasion of Escobar were stored, then served as the location of a Prisoner of War camp for that war. From there it spread out and became the first city to be settled on the planet.

The terrain was semi-desert.

Located next to an active volcano, it suffered frequent earthquakes and was likely to experience an eruption within a few hundred years. Cordelia Vorkosigan chose to close her time as Regent for the planet by moving the capital to a better location, at Gridgrad.

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