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The Joint Council on Barrayar was the principal legislative body in the government of Barrayar. Membership consisted of the Council of Counts and the Council of Ministers, sitting together. With 60 Counts and 15 Ministers (at the time of the beginning of Aral Vorkosigan's Regency), there were 75 people in all. The Joint Council appears to have convened into at least two known different formations: the Central Committee and the Joint Councils "assembled".

Known Roles[]

  • The central committee of the two Councils consulted Aral Vorkosigan about the then-planned Escobar invasion.[1]
  • The Full Councils Assembled voted for Regent to the Emperor[2]
  • They supplied funding for the Vervain War by means of a special appropriation.[3]
  • The Komarr Shippers' Syndicate attempted to influence the Council of Ministers to get them to agree to a petition "for tax relief on profits directly reinvested in capital improvements". The actual vote involved both Councils.[4]
  • The Joint Council could remove an Imperial Auditor from a case by a 3/4 vote.[5]
  • An appropriation from the Council was needed to pay for an enlarged Komarr soletta.[6]
  • The Joint Council made the final ruling regarding a suite of laws recommended to overhaul Barrayar's lack of life technology rules.[7]

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