At the time of "The Flowers of Vashnoi," Jadwiga (Jaddie) was a fifteen-year-old girl who'd been abandoned as an infant in the Vashnoi exclusion zone for being a mutie. She had 6 fingers on her left hand and was intellectually moderately disabled, possibly from Down Syndrome. She was a younger sister to Vadim Sammi, who brought her directly to Ma Roga shortly after she was born, because Ma Roga was known to take such children in.

She had a thyroid tumor that was likely to kill her soon; her foster-brother Ingisi was helping her as he could, but Ma Roga was unwilling to seek treatment for her. After she and Ingisi were removed from her care, it was expected to be treatable and Enrique Borgos and his wife Martya expressed interest in taking both of them in.


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