"When it comes to divvying up resources and personnel, Sergyar command has always been third in line for everything.... Komarr command always gets first pick, on the theory that they’ll be the hot seat if there is one, and Home Fleet is a close second. They arm-wrestle all the time over the best men. We get what’s left. What’s left, it turns out, are a lot of the best women. Send us more, I’d say."
―Relative importance of women in Barrayaran service[src]
The Imperial Service Women's Auxiliary was a branch of the Barrayaran Imperial Service specifically designated for women.

In earlier years, it primarily engaged in non-combatant roles such as medical staff, military law enforcement (particularly for handling female suspects and criminals), and technicians; however, their size and the roles available to them changed considerably over the course of the Vorkosigan Saga. Thus, by the time of Gentleman Jole and the Red Queen, they were a serious additional military service that could supply people to work directly for people in the main, all-male, service.

Known instances of involvement of these forces include: