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"We don't just march on the future, we charge it."
―Attitude of new graduates of the Service Academy[src]

The Imperial Service Academy (alternately, the Imperial Military Academy) was the most prestigious officer training school of the Barrayaran Imperial Service. Training at the Academy lasted slightly under three years, with two breaks[1], and included both winter training on the South Continent and orbital training. The Academy's term began in the fall[2], with a midsummer graduation at the Imperial Military Review.[3]

The Academy was originally open only to members of the Vor rank, but was expanded to include all Barrayarans during the Aral Vorkosigan Regency. It allowed Komarrans for the first time roughly two years after the Regency ended.


  • Five-space math[4]
  • Xenobotany[4]
  • Geology and terrain evaluation[4]
  • Aviation weather[4]
  • Four weeks of orbital and free-fall training[5]
  • Some winter training on the Black Escarpment[6]

Name of the Academy[]

This institution is referred to as the Imperial Service Academy in The Warrior's Apprentice, Brothers in Arms, Mirror Dance, and Memory, and the Imperial Military Academy in Barrayar, The Vor Game, and Komarr. It is also referred to as the Service Academy in "The Mountains of Mourning".

Behind the scenes[]

The author has stated that the Academy was located near but outside of Vorbarr Sultana, and that it was probably created by Emperor Dorca. In particular, during the Time of Isolation, officer training took the form of individual apprenticeships rather than formal training. See 062577.html and 063531.html for details.

Notes and references[]