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House Vorrutyer (vor-RUT-yr) began with the creation of the first Count Vorrutyer. They were in charge of Vorrutyer's District. Their house livery colors were blue and grey. 

Official residences[]

Counts Vorrutyer[]

Countesses Vorrutyer[]

Other members of House Vorrutyer[]

Behind the scenes[]

The author has made several statements about the Vorrutyer family from time to time. See "Re: Vorbarra family tree", 102544.html, 064489.html, "Re: ACC Chapter 7 (spoilers) -- family tree clarifications", and 107648.html, for examples.

In particular on Goodreads she stated:

Right, it's not actually that hard. 5 kids altogether of the Count VR in that generation.
First son and heir was Pierre's and Donna's father.
Second son was Ges, who had no legitimate or known offspring.
Third child was Aral's ill-fated first wife, who also died without offspring.
Fourth-child-third-son was Richars's father,
Fifth-child-fourth-and-youngest son was By's father.
By has one sister, Richars has at least two sons and possibly one or more daughters; any sisters for Richars unknown but not impossible. Dono and Olivia will have several children, and By's potential reproduction is unknown. Any miscarriages or children dying very young are not known/invented, though the former is probable and the latter possible especially in the earlier generations, adding gaps to spacing between siblings.