New members may introduce themselves here:

  • User:JAF1970: Founder - really need help in making this a comprehensive guide of McMaster's massive universe and history.
  • User:KarenHunt: Admin - Longtime Bujold fan with detailed collection of information from Vorkosigan Saga.
  • User:Tamfang: language police
  • User:Yrfeloran: Experienced article writer
  • User:Jeffrywith1e : Vorkosigan fan
  • User:Skxwang: Experienced editor and Rollback from the Avatar wiki. HUGE Bujold fan!
  • User:Vorrutyer: Longtime Bujold fan, want to see this become a more helpful and complete resource.
  • User:Will49: Editor is several Wikis, Admin in two and Rollback in another. Big fan and am looking forward to this.
  • User:Gwynne: Longtime fan, thinks this is a brilliant resource
  • User:Dotz: fan, editor, meteoroid (just reading that stuff once again) and nice to meet You
  • User:PRhodan - see what I can do to help