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Graf Station was a space station/asteroid within the Union of Free Habitats with a population of 50000.

It was one of only a handful of quaddie stations that were outfitted with artificial gravity in order to deal better with downsider humans. Others were Metropolitan, Sanctuary, Minchenko, and Union Station (which was also the seat of quaddie government).[1] There was, in fact, a resident (but small) population of downsiders on the station.

It was named for Leo Graf, the man who originally helped the quaddies achieve their freedom.

Places on Graf Station[]

  • The Minchenko Ballet[2]
  • A museum deep in the free-fall part of the station where portions of the original D-620 Superjumper and Cay Habitat could be seen.[3]
  • Graf Station Security Post One, which housed administrative offices[4]
  • Graf Station Security Post Three, which got shot up by Barrayarans
  • A three-dimension-using restaurant with tables at multiple heights[2]
  • A fancy/expensive hostel where the detained merchants had to stay until all fines were paid by Barrayar[5]
  • The Joint[4]
  • A cafe that primarily served locals but had delicious pears[4]

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