"Georish Stauber, Baron Fell, was a surprisingly old man to have succeeded so recently to his position, Miles thought. In the flesh he looked older than the holovid Miles had viewed of him at his own mission briefing. The baron was balding, with a white fringe of hair around his shiny pate, jovial and fat. He looked like somebody's grandfather. Not Miles's; Miles's grandfather had been lean and predatory even in his great age."
―Miles contrasts Fell with Piotr Vorkosigan[src]

Georish Stauber, also known as Baron Fell, was the leader of House Fell on the planet Jackson's Whole. His House's specialty was weapons and bioweapons.


Stauber was born the son of the founding baron of House Ryoval. When his father died during a failed brain transplant operation, Stauber's half-brother Ry Ryoval succeeded as Baron Ryoval. The new Baron methodically assassinated his brothers and enslaved his sisters as sex slaves.[1]

With the assistance of his father's slave doctor Lilly Durona, Stauber managed to escape the clutches of House Ryoval and the pair of them joined House Fell. Lilly established the Durona Group of cloned research scientists while Stauber rose through the ranks. He eventually became Baron Fell in his old age.[1]

Desiring a longer life span, Baron Fell ordered a clone from House Bharaputra. This clone was assassinated by his brother, trapping the Baron in his aging body. Seeking alternative means of life-extension, Fell sought the secret of the fictitious Betan rejuvenation treatment from Admiral Naismith. Naismith was unable to share the nonexistent secret, but revealed Ryoval's complicity in his clone's death to Fell. Since Naismith also blamed Bharaputra, Fell found himself involved in a three-way vendetta between his house, House Bharaputra, and House Ryoval.[2]

Some years later Naismith's brother Mark Vorkosigan impersonated his brother to stage a raid on Bharaputra's clone creche. During a followup raid by Naismith himself, the Admiral died and Baron Bharaputra was kidnapped by the Dendarii Free Mercenary Fleet. Fell then served as a middleman to negotiate Bharaputra's release and the safe exit of the Dendarii from the Jackson's Whole system.[3]

Without Fell's knowledge, his old colleague Lilly Durona secretly acquired and revived Admiral Naismith, wishing to escape House Fell. While Durona was negotiating with Mark Vorkosigan and the Dendarii for Naismith's release, Ry Ryoval staged a raid and kidnapped Naismith's clone Mark. Naismith himself ended up in the hands of Baron Bharaputra, and was sold on to Ryoval.[4]

Mark Vorkosigan assassinated Ryoval after days of being tortured, and escaped back to Lilly Durona. Holding Ryoval's code-keys hostage, he traded them to Baron Fell for the entire Durona Group and two million Betan dollars, ending Fell's long Deal with her. House Fell then assimilated House Ryoval's holdings into itself.[5]

"Well, old sister. You’ve had an interesting life."
"I still have it," smiled Lilly.
"For a while."
"Long enough for me, greedy little boy. So this is the end of the road. The last of our blood-pact. Who would have imagined it, all those years ago, when we were climbing out of Ryoval’s sewers together?"
"Not I," said Fell. They embraced each other. "Goodbye, Lilly."
"Goodbye, Georie.
―Georish and Lilly say their final farewells.[src]

Personality and traitsEdit

Georish Stauber was an elderly and grandfatherly bald man with liver spots, probably in his seventies. He had a white fringe of hair around a shiny pate, and was described as jolly and fat, with red cheeks. In green House Fell livery, he looked rather like an elf. He desperately sought to extend his lifespan by whatever means possible. He had a deep hatred of his half-brother Ryoval,[2][6] and a edgy but sincere affection for Lilly Durona.

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