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"Dr. Vorthys was one of the two recent appointees of Gregor's who was not in the military mold. He was a professor emeritus of engineering failure analysis from Vorbarr Sultana University, and had written the text on the subject. Several of them, in fact. He looked a professor, stout, white-haired, smiling, rumpled, with a noble nose and big ears. Late in his career he had become philosophically interested in the connections between sociopolitical and engineering integrity; his addition to Gregor's array of Auditors had brought in some welcome technical expertise, not that the Auditors exactly worked as a team."
―Miles' initial meeting with the Auditors[src]

Doctor Georg Vorthys was an Imperial Auditor, Vor noble, and university professor on Barrayar

When he and Miles Vorkosigan were sent to investigate the Komarr Soletta Incident, they stayed in the home of his niece, Ekaterin Vorsoisson. Later, she and her son Nikki lived for a time in his home in Vorbarr Sultana while taking classes at the university.

Personality and Traits[]

"Professor Vorthys lumbered in, dressed for the day in his comfortable rumpled suit, scarcely more form-fitting than his pajamas. It was tailor-made garb, appropriate to his status as an Imperial Voice, but he must, Miles reflected, have driven his tailor to despair before coaxing just the fit he wanted, With lots of room in the pockets, as he'd once explained to Miles while the Professora rolled her eyes heavenward."
―He preferred loose clothing with pockets[src]

He was reasonably affable, and very non-traditional in his career choices. He liked to eat well, with cookies hidden in drawers in his workroom.


Behind the Scenes[]

Lord Auditor Vorthys is partly modeled on Robert C. McMaster, the father of author Lois McMaster Bujold. In particular, his catch-phrase of "No artificial shortages!" was a standard line of her father's. See goodreads Q&A about that phrase