Frederica "Freddy" Haines was the daughter of General Fyodor Haines on Sergyar. When her father was posted to Sergyar, her mother chose to remain on Barrayar, so he was sole parent to her for a time.

She was part of a group of six close friends nicknamed the "human hexaped"; they got into trouble together from time to time. She was level-headed, which served at least twice to keep their troubles from getting out of hand.

"Freddie breathed, 'Go upside…?', her babysitting job plainly acquiring an unexpected new glamour."
―The benefits of babysitting Vorkosigans[src]

Admiral Jole helped her group out one time when they had gone vampire-balloon shooting; he ordered her to take up babysitting duties for Count Vorkosigan's children in recompense. Her low opinion of the job brightened considerably when it involved touring the decommissioned Prince Serg.

After an incident with drunken regular service members at Oliver Jole's birthday party, her father finally realized that Freddie had a natural aptitude for serious bodyguard work and put her through proper military training to allow her to legally wield a sidearm. It also influenced her mother to finally travel to Sergyar to be with her harried husband.


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