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There were a variety of float vehicles in the Vorkosigan Saga. All appeared to be based on gravitic technology for their means of flotation.

  • Float chairs - used in homes, used as medical equipment, and used for conveying Quaddies and haut women. (ubiquitous)
  • Float bikes - semi-military 1-person vehicles. Used by Dendarii mercenaries, by Emperor Gregor's security outriders, and by Elena Bothari to rescue Aral Vorkosigan after his heart attack.[1][2][3]
  • Float pallets - widely used for carrying people and cargo both. (ubiquitous)
  • Float carts - carried people and goods.[4]
  • Float trucks - carried larger amounts of cargo.[5][6]
  • Float cups, floaters, float tubs - alternate names for the float chairs used by Quaddies in areas with gravity.[7]
  • Aircars - lightweight personal vehicles that were able to carry several passengers. (ubiquitous)

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